Best Northern California Medicare Supplement Plans – Call Michael Brines

Whether you are just turning 65, or have been on Medicare for years and are looking for a more affordable Northern California Medicare Supplement, it is extremely important to compare multiple quality companies and plans. The best and most effective way to identify and enroll in a great plan is by contacting an expert. Michael Brines is considered the best Medicare supplement insurance agent in Northern California by many Medicare recipients, health care providers, and various local professionals. He offers expert, unbiased information about multiple quality companies and plans, and can also provide great advice regarding prescription drug plans.

Northern California residents have a leg up on Medicare recipients in other states as they are subject to the California Birthday Rule. This rule states all Medicare recipients in Northern California and across the state can switch to an equal or lesser Medicare supplement plan without answering any health questions during the 30 day window immediately following their birthday. Michael Brines helps every one of his customers shop for a more affordable option during this period every year, and has saved many of his customers over one thousand dollars per year as a result.

Many people regard Michael Brines as the best Medicare Supplement insurance agent in Northern California, and it is a well-deserved reputation. His knowledge, experience, and integrity are unmatched and he has a long list of customers to prove it. His success lies in the fact that he always does what is best for his clients, and consistently saves them huge sums of money on a monthly and annual basis.

Purchasing Medicare Supplement Insurance from a quality company is extremely important, and Michael Brines carries almost every quality insurance company in Northern California. These companies include, but are not limited to, Mutual of Omaha, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, AARP, Health Net, Standard Life & Accident, Gerber Life, and Sentinel Security. Every insurance company in Northern California offering Medicare Supplement insurance offers the same exact plans, which means it is wise to compare all companies to determine which one has the lowest price.

Many people in Northern California who are just turning 65 or are enrolling in Medicare for the first time have a fairly easy time navigating the Medicare supplement marketplace. The prescription drug plans, however, can be a real nightmare. Every prescription drug plan covers different prescriptions, has different co-payments, and some have deductibles. Furthermore, these plans change drastically every year. Finding the most affordable plan requires the help of a professional, and Michael Brines is the best guy for the job. He creates prescription drug plan comparison reports for all of his customers in Northern California that details the three most affordable options.


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